Natural Remedies for Acne

Acne, it rains on our parade. It’s ugly and it sometimes hurts. And too often, it can be disfiguring; leaving scars and unsightly marks. Having to deal with acne most of my life, I have experimented with many products, cleansing techniques and dietary corrections. I hope the below information can help anyone who is struggling with their skin. Luckily there are several options to mitigate acne besides taking the conventional route and spending a ton of money. Here are a few simple and effective tips: 1.Diet. Make sure to eat a well-balanced diet, i.e. consuming a lot of vegetables, low-glycemic fruits and adequate amounts of protein from clean sources. Avoid foods that are processed and that contain or convert to a lot of sugar such as grains (did you know that ¼ cup of dry, organic steelcut oatmeal converts to about 30 grams of sugar in the body?!). Too much sugar and carbohydrates will cause large spikes in blood sugar levels which can indirectly create more inflammation and hormone i…

The Days are Getting Longer!

It’s that time of year again-the holidays are over; the days are getting oh so a little longer and I am dreaming of spring. Like a lot of people that live in the northern latitudes, I have been perusing through seed and plant catalogues. The promise of spring is very exciting. Just yesterday I spotted some snowbells coming up in my backyard! Snowbells are perennial bulbs that will grow and bloom in temperatures below freezing. Mine typically bloom in January.

Living in a heavily urbanized area, I am very lucky (and grateful!) to have a small garden. My garden consists of a lot of perennials, herbs, vegetables and fruit. I utilize a lot of the material as food, bouquets and in my body care and medicinal products. Each season I add in new species. I would eventually like to grow all plants that are needed to create my products (as much as the climate I live in will allow of course). This brings me to the topic of plant ethics. I have talked about this before in a previous entry but think …

It's the Holiday Season!

It's the season of giving. Many of us are stressed with getting the perfect gifts for our loved ones. This time of year should be a time for relaxation and reflection, but most people are doing quite the opposite. We are spending a lot of money, scrambling around to find the perfect gifts; essentially running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

An alternative to all of this chaos is to make our own gifts. Handmade gifts such as lip balms, bath bombs, perfumes and sachets make great items that require little time and money to create. Plus these gifts are more likely to make the recipient feel special because they were made especially for that person in mind! By using natural, organic ingredients and recycled materials such as bottles & tins, you are helping the environment by not contributing to extra plastic and packaging. Not to mention supporting sustainable farming and providing your recipient with non-toxic, safe and nourishing products for the body. 

Listed below a…

Bee Inspired

One day a friend and I were chatting about current environmental issues, notable the endangered Rusty Patched bumble bee, and she made a statement that really made me think. She had mentioned that there is actually more bees and bee species diversity in Milwaukee County than most rural areas in Wisconsin. She has a friend who lives just west of Madison and this person claims that due to the monoculture that surrounds their farm, effective pollination of flowers and crops is poor. This discussion made me want to delve deeper. You mean to tell me that there is a higher bee population and bee species diversity in the noisy, dirty city compared to the fresh air of the country?

So I did a little research. And with most environmental problems, there's several causes. One big issue is habitat fragmentation and loss. Because more land is being cleared year after year for crops, bees have to travel further for food or settle for less nutritious food. For example, most farm land in Wisconsi…

Plant Ethics

I belong to a group called the Milwaukee River Advocates. We work to protect and restore the natural habitat of the Milwaukee River. The green corridor along the Milwaukee River in the city of Milwaukee is an important gem in a heavily urbanized setting. The corridor provides a home to many different species of animals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants. Recently our group lead a plant hike for the community. One important topic that we discussed was the ethical treatment of plants.

Now that the DIY movement is so popular, many people are making their own herbal goodies that range from teas to tinctures. The method of gathering wild plant material is called wildcrafting. People often go into a "wild" setting (i.e. the forest, fields, etc.) and collect plant material for consumption. And for certain herbs, this may be the only technique to obtain the plants. However it is always good to remember a few things:

1. Be Respectful.
Plants are sensitive, some more than others. Always…

How to Make Rose Water at Home

Making your own body care products is an empowering activity. It allows you to be an artist, creating and blending ingredients to make a finished product that is tailored to your own body’s unique needs. I have a lovely recipe that I use to make my own floral waters and have been using it for years. I came across it in one of Rosemary Gladstar’s books. She is one of those people I like to refer to as an “herbal revivalist”. A truly gifted and intellectual herbalist, Rosemary helped bring plant wisdom and herbal awareness to the Western world through education and availability of high quality herbs and related products. Some examples of her contributions are Mountain Rose Herbs, Traditional Medicinals and The California School of Herbal Studies (one of my alma maters).

I will use roses as an example in this recipe, but you can use other plant material such as rose geranium leaves, calendula petals or lavender. My rose bush is in bloom right now. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I d…
New Products!
Coming this spring! We are very excited to release a facial beautification line that will feature an oil wash cleanser, a blemish stick and facial serum! As with all of our products, these items will be created with the highest-quality plant and essential oils. The image below was illustrated by a local artist that captured the beauty that we will use to represent the new line. She is Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers.