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Blue Chamomile

I recently returned from a two week trip to the tropics. With the lovely weather I encountered some sort of biting flies that I am still feeling the effects from. I've applied all sorts of salves, oils and essential oils to ease the itching. While they did help, the itching would return. Then I had an idea. I use blue chamomile essential oil in my Itch Relief Salve. Why don't I just put some undiluted blue chamomile essential oil on the bites?  And just like that, the itch is gone!
Blue chamomile, also known as blue tansy (Tanacetum annum) is a not too commonly known. It is a plant from the Aster family that, when distilled, produces a lovely blue color. The constituent that is responsible for the blue tint is called azulene. Azulene works well to combat inflamed, irritated and damaged skin. It also has great antihistamine properties and because of this is can be used for allergic outbreaks as well as insect bites. It also is useful when applied to strains, sprains and sore mu…