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Lady's Mantle

I was out inspecting my garden after days of rain and noticed how lovely the raindrops looked on the Lady's Mantle. They look like gems nestled in the folds of the leaves and buds!
Lady's Mantle (Achemilla vulgaris) was known in medieval times as "a woman's best friend" due to its medicinal benefits such as reducing menstrual pain and easing symptoms of menopause. It is still widely used today in Europe for the same issues.

Spring Cleaning

Most people are unaware that the body conducts a "spring cleaning". It is one of the natural processes that allows the body to gear up for summer and to ease out of "hibernation" mode (our bodies are meant to slow down during the cold winter months and become very active during the warm summer months. A concept that is unheard of and no longer honored in our modern day lifestyle). For centuries, different cultures would rely on herbs such cleavers, nettles and dandelions to help aid in the detoxification process. These herbs stimulate the lymphatic system as well as the liver and kidneys. By enhancing these channels of elimination, you allow the body to get the stagnant "gunk" out of the system, providing vitality and energy just in time for the warm season.
One of my favorite beverage recipes includes a nettle infusion with fresh lime juice. To make you can either harvest your own nettle leaves or buy nettle tea from your local health food store. Put abo…