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New Pics!!!

Photography is not one of my strong suits. However I am very excited about the ones I took of my lotions. As you can see I make three different varieties. Cocoa Butter & Rose is an excellent lotion for very dry skin, it penetrates deep in the skin and delivers much needed moisture. The scent is rich and decadent, combining rose with cocoa butter. 
Rosemary & Cedar is made with shea butter and is a light, but effective moisturizer. It has a great earthy scent that is nice for both men and women.
Shea Butter & Orange Blossom has a nice floral blend that is reminiscent of summer. Also containing shea butter, it provides everyday moisture.

Rub A Dub Dub, What's in Your Tub?

Many people do not realize that what we put on our skin greatly impacts our health. Materials that are applied to the skin immediately are absorbed and enter the bloodstream. Because of this process, you can actually absorb more toxins through the skin than through the digestive system!
There have been several studies that link certain man-made chemicals to skin disorders, inflammatory diseases and even cancer (for more info, please visit!
Below is just a short list of what to avoid in body care products. Repeated exposure to these type of ingredients can create an accumulative toxic affect and eventually disease.

1. Fragrance: "Fragrance" is usually a chemical cocktail and refers to hundreds of different chemicals. Since the FDA does not regulate body care products, companies can use all sorts of toxic chemicals in their products. They do this because it is cheap (for example, companies will use "fragrance" instead of essential oils because …