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Pink Spotted Hawk Moth

Yes, this little guy is an insect, not a hummingbird. I caught this beauty in my front yard feeding on phlox. It was so busy that it didn't seem to mind that I was so close to it. These moths act similar to hummingbirds in regards to their feeding habits. They feed on deep-throated flowers such as morning glories, hastas and phlox, pollinating on the way.


It's that time of the year again. A time of transition where our bodies start acclimating to the cooler temperatures and shorter days. If the body is not balanced, the changes that these natural cycles produce can cause stress to an already stressed body. The liver is one of the organs that does a multitude of things, a true multitasker. It metabolizes hormones, produces precursors to hormones, helps eliminate toxins, assists in digestion, just to name a few. In fact, to date, researchers have discovered that there are more than 500 functions performed by the liver. Wow! So what can we do to support this vital organ? One major way is through nutrition. The following recipe is one of my favorites to snack on. It is so tasty and relatively easy to make. Burdock helps the liver eliminate and flush out toxins more efficiently, maintains healthy blood, helps keep skin healthy and clear, supports the immune system...just to name a few.
Enjoy and happy pickling!

Pickled Burdock or Gobo: