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More mushrooms...Hen of the Woods!

I found this beauty down by the Milwaukee River over the weekend. It is known as the Hen of the Woods and is a culinary delight! I gave half of it to my parents, dried about 1 quart and will saute the rest tonight.
I am always surprised by the variety and availability of wild foods that can be found in urban areas. I have found several types of mushrooms only a 1/2 block's walk from my house. Mushrooms include shaggy manes, puffballs, turkey tails, sulfur shelf, oysters and hen of the woods. From the plant world I have found wild leeks, wild ginger, and blackberries. Often in early spring I see Maple Trees getting tapped for maple syrup. I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful wild area so close.

It's Mushroom Season!

The turkey tails are out again! These slightly fuzzy mushrooms resemble little turkey tails and grow when conditions are moist and the temperatures are cool at night but above 50 degrees during the day.
Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) have a lot of health benefits. They are usually consumed as a tea that has been decocted (steeped in hot water for about 20-30 minutes) for medicinal purposes. Some benefits include strengthened immune system, energy enhancer and anti-cancer properties. There has been some great research conducted by Bastyr University on the efficacy of turkey tail mushrooms and cancer:

So take a walk in the woods and see what you can find! Turkey tails normally grow on dead hardwoods and are a shelf fungus, therefore grow in a "shelf" or group. You rarely will find just one.

Summer Still Holds On

I love it! We have been truly blessed this fall with great weather. It has been pretty much non-stop sunshine and warm temperatures for most of September and into October. I came upon a clematis in my garden still blooming :)