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Fig Trees

Well I finally have my 'Chicago Hardy' fig trees ready for the winter. They look as snug as a bug in a rug :)
Since I live in Zone 5, I have to really insulate these guys for the winter. They are only hardy to Zone 6. After the trees dropped their leaves, I used twine to tie the branches together in a conical shape. I then used metal stakes to surround the trees then wrapped chicken wire around the stakes, making a frame. I filled the frame with leaves, pine needles and other garden debris; then finally wrapping burlap (old coffee bags from my local coffee shop) around the chicken wire. I also did this to a new rose bush. Hopefully all will be well for the trees and they will produce a lovely crop of figs next summer.

Frozen Calendula

Early snow here in Wisconsin. Well...OK, maybe not. But I wasn't ready for it and neither were my calendulas! The day before it was in the 50's and my flowers looked so comfy in the sun. That night a cold front came through and in the morning we got a sleet & snow mix. I found my calendulas packed with ice and snow.

Slowing Down

At this time of year you may notice that you want to sleep more, crave starchy foods and want to slow down a bit; this is actually normal. Despite our modern society, the human body is designed to function in tandem with nature, ebbing and flowing with the seasons.
Try to honor your body and allow yourself to slow down, even if it is for only 10 minutes a day. Give your brain and body a break in a quiet space. The results will be of great benefit to you.