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The AeroGarden

Signs of spring are more present these days. The sun is setting at a later time and the birds are more active. However based on the temperature, you would think otherwise. Here in Milwaukee the high for today was only 6 degrees. Needless to say I am beyond having cabin fever. Something fun to break up the monotony of the never ending cold weather is planting seeds! The AeroGarden is a great way to start seeds indoors as it keeps moisture and light consistent for successful germination. This is very helpful when you live in a dry, drafty old house. This weekend I plan on stating a few different varieties of tomatoes. I am hoping to transplant the tomatoes outside in mid-May despite our unseasonably cold winter in Wisconsin.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Bruising & Sore Muscles

Recently I took a tumble on the stairs of my front porch. On this cold and snowy morning I was loading items into my car, somewhat hurried so that I would make it to work on time.
Slippery stairs + being in a hurry = bad fall.
As I was falling I was thinking about how this would impact my middle-aged body. How bad will the bruises be and how sore will I be tomorrow when I wake up? After I landed I got up, brushed the snow off of my body and ran in the house to grab all things useful to combat pain and bruising.
I retrieved my Bruise & Muscle Care which contains arnica oil, among other things, which speeds the healing of skin and muscle trauma. It also quells the inflammation response. Homeopathic arnica in pellet form can be taken internally in addition to applying it topically to the affected area - a double whammy!
I also grabbed peppermint essential oil. This oil acts as a natural analgesic which creates a cooling affect thus numbing pain. Another oil I grabbed was helichrysum.…