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Growing Indoors

My tomatoes are getting huge! I've already repotted them about 2 weeks ago and they will need to be repotted again very soon, maybe this weekend. As soon as the end of May hits, I want to make sure that all of my home-grown veggies and herbs are ready to go in the ground. Some other things I've been growing include basil, cilantro, parsley and zucchini.
In my salad table, the arugula and lettuce is coming up nicely. The ventilated plastic is working well to keep moisture and heat in. I've had to keep it on at night because the temperatures get close to freezing.

Springtime Surprises in the Garden

It has been an unseasonably cold winter here in the Great Lakes area. It is early April and I was able to get in the garden this past weekend and get it cleaned up. The garlic, daffodils and tulips are starting to come up. I saw some stinging nettle peeking out of the soil as well. I prepped my salad table and a few pots for planting seeds (I am being optimistic and going to start arugula and lettuce in the salad table this week) which I plan on using ventilated plastic at night to keep the heat in when the temperatures dip below freezing.
I have two clumps of snowbells in the backyard. In previous years they have been up by the end of January. This year they were not up until the end of March and aren't nearly as tall as last year. I also found what I believe to be a mushroom called dead man's fingers (Xylaria polymorphs) along the fence line, which I have never seen in the yard.