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Dried Blossoms

I often gather blossoms throughout the summer and fall to dry and save for winter creations. Not only does it brighten up the soul during the grey, blah days of winter, it also is fun and easy to gather your own flowers and dry them! The most convenient way to dry blossoms is to gather them, put them in a paper bag for 2-5 days (depending on the type of blossom), making sure to shake the bag daily. They are dried when they have a little "crunch" to them while handling. Store dried blossom in glass jar for future use. Dried botanicals can be used in a wide variety of creations such as teas, bath salts and facial scrubs.
Besides body care items, blossoms can be used to accent handmade cards & stationary, decorated candles and in potpourri mixtures.
Below is a very easy facial scrub that I often make. It is very effective in exfoliating the skin and smells wonderful! Enjoy!
1 cup of dried oats
0.5 cup of dried rose petals
0.5 cup of dried lavender buds
Combine above ingredi…