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Cool Weather Greens

I am going to try my luck at growing lettuces and other greens further into the season. Typically I can grow things until about mid-November but I am shooting for December or even January this season! I found a little hardy mustard green called 'Tatsoi' that has a short maturity period as well as lettuces such as 'Black Seeded Simpson' and 'Brunia'. I grow my greens in an elevated "salad table" in the spring, summer and fall. However, for the early part of winter, I plan on adding hay as a layer of insulation over and in between the seedlings and then tarping the table with a perforated semi-clear heavy plastic sheet for extra insulation. Wish me luck! And stay tuned to see what results are found!

Along the Mississippi

A few weeks ago my husband and I went on a camping trip in the western part of Wisconsin. We visited many lovely places which included Effigy Mound National Monument, hiking spots with awesome views and quaint little river towns-all along the Mississippi. Due to rain and a drop in temperatures, there were a lot of mushrooms in fruit. Some species that we found include Boletes, Earth Stars, Puffballs and Jack O' Lanterns, just to name a few.
One species of Puffballs that we found (purple-spored puffball) is a choice edible, but we did not indulge because only 2 were found.
We camped at Wyalusing State Park, which is one of the oldest parks in Wisconsin overlooking the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers. The park features several Native American effigy mounds, great bird watching and canoe trails.