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Waiting Out the Winter

It's that time of year again-I am hunkered down indoors while the single-digit weather is beating at my door. I've been perusing through new plant and seed catalogues, deciding what I want to plant in my garden. This activity always brings me hope and excitement due to the long winters experienced here in Wisconsin.

About two summers ago I planted a blueberry bush that has yet to produce berries and never seems to look very healthy. I then realized that my soil is more alkaline than acidic. And that's what blueberries need-acidic soil. I plan on transplanting the bush into a large pot where I can control the pH of the soil and fertilize if needed.

I also found a gardenia variety that is hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the variety name is 'Summer Snow'. I am extremely excited about this possibility to grow gardenias in my garden! I absolutely love the scent of gardenias!

Last year I planted a hardy variety of rosemary called 'Madeline Hill' and am curious to …