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Olive Oil - Liquid Gold

Recently I met a woman by the name of Ama who originally was from the Milwaukee area but now resides on the island of Mytilini in Greece. She has her own olive grove of 300 trees where she hand-harvests her olives for olive oil. She personally takes her harvest to the mill where it is pressed into oil. This olive oil is fantastic! It is organic, unfiltered and single-farm (most commercial olive oils are blended from several different farms, sometimes even from several different countries!).

Not only is Ama a farmer and producer of olive oil, she is also a poet. Ama, along with her neighboring olive farmers, created an olive oil collective, known as "The Poet's Oil Collective". They wish to provide their high quality oil at a reasonable price; maintaining an environmentally respectful attitude.

Brew City Botanicals is very fortunate to have a limited amount of this oil. The Poet's Oil will soon be available and has a number of uses. Not only is it a culinary delight, it…