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Comfrey is one of those herbs that is gaining popularity these days, as it should. It was once referred to as "knitbone" in times past due to the traditional use of applying it to broken bones and fractures.
This herb has wonderful healing qualities and is extremely easy to grow! It is a perennial and once established in the garden, will spread without any problems.
Some valuable constituents (or medicinal qualities) include allantoin and mucilage. Allantoin stimulates bone and cartilage growth as well as easing sore muscles. Mucilage and allantoin both assist in repairing damaged skin and tissue, helping them heal quicker.
Typically the arial parts are used such as the leaves, stems and flowers. These should be harvested in late spring and early summer (in flowering stage). That is when allantoin and mucilage are most potent in the arial parts. It is very easy to make an infused oil that can be used topically or added to a healing salve.
To make an infused oil, you will nee…