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On of the things that I look forward to in the spring is the blooming of my lilac bush. The lovely lavender-like color, the floral-honeyed scent that cannot be replicated and the sweet taste of the flowers...for me this truly marks the return of the warmth that the spring and summer seasons provide.

The story of the lilac, according to Greek mythology, goes something like this; there was a beautiful nymph by the name of Syringa (which, by the way, is the genus name for lilac). Pan, the horned god of the forest, fell in love with her and chased her throughout the forest. Out of fear and in an attempt to ditch Pan, Syringa disguised herself as a lilac bush. And that is the origin of the lilac.

Lilacs belong to the family Oleaceae-the same family as the olive tree. There are about 12 species and are native to Eastern Europe and temperate Asia. The beautiful clusters of flowers range in colors of white, pink, yellow and several shades of purple. They bloom for about 1-2 weeks once a year …