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Caribbean Inspiration

I have a unique opportunity to work in the Caribbean this winter. I look forward to immersing myself in a different culture, but I am especially excited about learning and experiencing native plant species. I am so eager to create new scent profiles and other items from local species and ingredients! To my current knowledge, some plants/scents native to the Caribbean include allspice, bay and amyris-these are scents I will start to experiment with. However I am sure once I arrive, I will discover more ingredients and scents to work with.
I have visited the Virgin Islands several times and the last time I was there someone local held a guided native plant walk. Unfortunately it was bad timing for me and I could not participate. I am excited to not miss a thing now that I will be living there.

Allspice berries from the Pimenta diocia tree.

Bay leaves to be steam distilled into bay essential oil (West Indies Bay-Pimenta racemosa).

Amyris wood exuding resin that is then steam distilled in…