West Indies Herbalist

Last weekend I attended the Rastafari Agricultural & Cultural Vegan Food Fair in Estate Bordeaux, St. Thomas. It was a great authentic, local island experience. Local farmers, artisans, musicians and delicious vegan food were featured.

The highlight for me was a presentation given by Ras Bobby, a local herbalist of the West Indies.
He was both brilliant and captivating. He spoke of several different herbs, real nutrition and, of course, some pointers on how to stay healthy.

Almost everything he presented really resonated with me. Basically herbs have been available to us for thousands of years. We have evolved with them, they are our nutrition and medicine.
Herbs are so complex and help us in several ways. Ras Bobby reminded me of the importance of consuming a diet rich in herbs and vegetables to truly stay healthy.

Ras Bobby is a very knowledgeable herbalist and works for the people. The people of St. Thomas are lucky to have such an experienced healer at their fingertips.

Ras Bobby giving his presentation.

Mural at the Rastafarian Fair 


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