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Enfleurage is a method that has been used for centuries to draw out the scent of a flower and fix it to fat which is especially useful for delicate flowers that can’t be distilled.

I am always looking for ways to extract and utilize scents from flowers; naturally. I want the exact scent that the flower releases. Especially now while I have fresh, tropical flowers like plumeria and jasmine right outside of my room. While reading, I came across a method called enfleurage which has been used for thousands of years by many cultures.

This ancient method is rarely done except in France in the Grasse region. Due to the expense of production, the end product is hard to find in the aromatherapy market.
Currently I am trying my luck with making an enfleurage. I started with plumeria flowers and learned quick; I made a mistake on the first try. Instead of adding my blossoms to a solid fat such as shea butter or mango butter, I added them to a few ounces of jojoba oil. The oil smelled nice for a sh…