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Mushroom Madness

I recently camped in the Northern Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin. It has been a drier-than-average summer, however it rained cats and dogs for about 2 days.

And of course after a good rain, you get a nice flush of mushrooms! I saw several different species ranging from coral mushrooms to turkey tails to Indian pipes (which is actually a parasitic organism of fungus).

As I hiked down trails in the damp woods I was surprised by the explosion of mycelial growth. There were mushrooms everywhere! Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Mushrooms are amazing organisms. In fact, fine networks of mycelium grow on the ground waiting for the right conditions to fruit and become what we know as mushrooms. These mycelium help digest and recycle large organic material, producing accessible nutrients for other organisms. Mushrooms have even been used as a remediation organism to clean up heavy metal and chemical toxicity in soil, truly acting as Nature's recyclers and detoxifiers.

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