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Plant Ethics

I belong to a group called the Milwaukee River Advocates. We work to protect and restore the natural habitat of the Milwaukee River. The green corridor along the Milwaukee River in the city of Milwaukee is an important gem in a heavily urbanized setting. The corridor provides a home to many different species of animals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants. Recently our group lead a plant hike for the community. One important topic that we discussed was the ethical treatment of plants.

Now that the DIY movement is so popular, many people are making their own herbal goodies that range from teas to tinctures. The method of gathering wild plant material is called wildcrafting. People often go into a "wild" setting (i.e. the forest, fields, etc.) and collect plant material for consumption. And for certain herbs, this may be the only technique to obtain the plants. However it is always good to remember a few things:

1. Be Respectful.
Plants are sensitive, some more than others. Always…