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Bee Inspired

One day a friend and I were chatting about current environmental issues, notable the endangered Rusty Patched bumble bee, and she made a statement that really made me think. She had mentioned that there is actually more bees and bee species diversity in Milwaukee County than most rural areas in Wisconsin. She has a friend who lives just west of Madison and this person claims that due to the monoculture that surrounds their farm, effective pollination of flowers and crops is poor. This discussion made me want to delve deeper. You mean to tell me that there is a higher bee population and bee species diversity in the noisy, dirty city compared to the fresh air of the country?

So I did a little research. And with most environmental problems, there's several causes. One big issue is habitat fragmentation and loss. Because more land is being cleared year after year for crops, bees have to travel further for food or settle for less nutritious food. For example, most farm land in Wisconsi…