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The Days are Getting Longer!

It’s that time of year again-the holidays are over; the days are getting oh so a little longer and I am dreaming of spring. Like a lot of people that live in the northern latitudes, I have been perusing through seed and plant catalogues. The promise of spring is very exciting. Just yesterday I spotted some snowbells coming up in my backyard! Snowbells are perennial bulbs that will grow and bloom in temperatures below freezing. Mine typically bloom in January.

Living in a heavily urbanized area, I am very lucky (and grateful!) to have a small garden. My garden consists of a lot of perennials, herbs, vegetables and fruit. I utilize a lot of the material as food, bouquets and in my body care and medicinal products. Each season I add in new species. I would eventually like to grow all plants that are needed to create my products (as much as the climate I live in will allow of course). This brings me to the topic of plant ethics. I have talked about this before in a previous entry but think …